Does your church support false missionaries?

If your church supports missionaries, and you have concerns they may have fallen for the 'social gospel' error, I suggest you ask them the following question. If they know the Lord, and are genuine, they won't object to this in the slightest.

Here's the question:

"When was the last time you told someone, in words, that we all must turn to Christ in repentance and faith in order to be saved?"

If they are genuine, they won't have to think back too far.

If they evade the question, or change the subject, or refuse to answer, I suggest there is a serious problem. In which case:

  • Pray for them, and enquire further - do they themselves actually know and believe the true gospel, or are they merely religious?
  • Even if they are true believers, if they are not doing the true work of a missionary, still pray for them, that God would open their eyes as to what they should be doing.
  • I would further suggest that it is NOT appropriate for a gospel-faithful church to give financial support to so-called 'Christian missionaries' who NEVER proclaim the gospel to anyone in clear words. I am not saying non-Christians should not be helped. I am saying that they should not be helped under the pretence that they are Christian missionaries when it is highly suspect whether what they are doing is Christian at all. It does seems right to me to support all kinds of good causes, some of which may be secular, and there are non-Christians who do some good in the world (by common grace). But it is not right for a gospel-faithful church, or individual believer, to support someone who claims to be a believer and claims to be carrying out the Great Commission, yet who believes in NEVER calling people to repentance and faith in Christ. Such people are false missionaries, claiming to be something they are not. They should not be encouraged in their self-deception - they should be challenged to repent.

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